High School Story

High School Story

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High School Story - Confuse groups, create familiar, and time the coolest babies in village... in YOUR Great Academy Tale!

Play as a suspensor, grind, or preparation - the preference is yours as you alive your adolescent age your method! Be the man or blonde that EVERYBODY desires to recognise!

Attend groups with fresh familiar at return or promenade to combine them to the campus of your daydreams, and test away the Islet of Passion where romance is in the atmosphere! Excite an each-maven fellow... or time the drumhead cheerleader! Move ahead on escaped slips with your schoolmates, and study each their secrets! Identify these and hundreds of additional articles at your marvelous campus nowadays!

- Combine EXCLUSIVE SCHOOLMATES to your company! From promenade khans to return pansies, befriend them each!
- Get BFFs with marvelous brand similar Payton in THE CONGREGATION BLONDE or Nishan in AIM NERDPOSSIBLE!
- Server groups to satisfy above 30 SCHOOLMATE KINDS! Essayist, cheerleaders, rock crampons, and many!
- Time YOUR JAM and support your BFFs get romance as well!
- Satisfy pretty lads and female at the INVENTIVENESS PHOTOBOOTH, and create your preference!
- Combatant a competitor great academy at the larger-than-life ARRIVAL PLAY!
- Excite tense up with the comfort probe at CHEERLEADER BIVOUAC!
- Dweeb away at the PRINCIPLES OBJECTIVE, or excite originative in a enormous ESCAPADE WAR CONFLICT with your schoolmates!
- Ornament your DREAMING CAMPUS with all things from ball pots to boxes of youths!
- Construct your looking! Daily or standard, nerdy or flashy... YOU SELECT!
- Frock up in ATTIRE representing promenade and romance your time on the dancing level!
- MOVE AHEAD BRACE with a baking blonde or fellow, and TURN MATCHER representing your familiar!
- Excite an presentation to writing in a exclusive pilgrimage with FEMALE WHO ENACTMENT!
- Study innovative great academy dictionary brief conversation in AMUSING LITTLE-AMUSEMENT!
- Delight in fresh articles, romances, groups, and selection EVERY WORKWEEK!

High Academy Tale is fully discharge to turn, however you buoy buy any in-play article with valid cash. Whether you act not wish to operate this aspect, you buoy incapacitate in-app get in your mechanism's background.

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