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ROCKMAN X DiVE - The new stage in the classical battle shot play, "ROCKMAN X!"
Play as the fabled rough nimrod X and Cypher,
and accept on the net planet recognized as the "Inscrutable Exponent."

◾Has the identical pc planet from former variant of ROCKMAN X: "Inscrutable Log"
An inexplicable mistake occured in the Inscrutable Exponent single time, causation the play information of "ROCKMAN X" to misfunction. Apply fabled heroines much as "X" and "Zero" to accept on the unorthodox information!

◾A erratum and uncompromised proffering of reliable ROCKMAN actions
Dashes, capers, broncobuster, and sabre! The play hang on to the reliable activity of "ROCKMAN X," and has connected machinelike aiming and 360-level propulsion. The exclusive improvement of this play causes moving all the more sander!
The sizing and location of the fastens buoy furthermore be custom to create it all the more nearer to the new "ROCKMAN X!"

◾The Brand of "ROCKMAN X" desire be preceded single afterwards the other
The picture and 3D scale model in this play get been revived exploitation the new descriptions.
The brand of your anamneses desire be preceded with type fresh shows!

◾Equip a all-embracing diversity of Arm and CHIEF Chips
In adding to the essential dudes and sabre, thither desire be a big amount of arms connected to the play.
Try the broadcast sickle of Uncompromising Farmhand Sigma and delight in the excitement of vehement over rival!
In adding, gather comparable piece close to defeating EMBOSSES. Create CHIEF ability portion of your have armory,
and quickly frustration each of the rival.

◾Experience the excitement of Lettuce-op/Versus Modes
This is the basic duration that the "Lettuce-op" process is enforced in the "ROCKMAN X" broadcast!
Enjoy complemental hard levels with your familiar.
In the "Versus Way," you buoy apply the brand you've cultivated
and demonstrate out several ability to frustration your oppponents.
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God Mode //Enemy does no damage
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