MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess

MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess

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MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess - Move prepared representing enjoyable, comradeship and danger with each of Equestria's nearly public cribs in the authorized for free gamey supported on the extraordinary MLP TV demonstrate!
Only Look-alike Flicker, Princess Celestia's educatee, and her familiar Rainbow Crash, Fluttershy and the remainder buoy save the time from every knight in village patch growth method, applicable pretty familiar and actualize their daydreams!
* MANY THAN 300 BRAND: Applicable a stag consort or princess single time, a pretty sawbuck search representing perils the following time and who understands what the following time! Allow them location to cable, moderate feed and listen to what they get to add.
* EVEN TO PROBE: Look Crystallization Imperium Farmhouse, Canterlot, Dulcify Apple Demesnes and many!
* CREATE A BEAUTEOUS CRIB RESIDENCE: Fancify your MLP megalopolis and create it greater than whatever additional megalopolis constructor with pretty home, admirable adornment and sufficiency charm representing each the cribs that ride over.
* MARVELLOUS TASK: Begin on exploit supported on your front-runner ARTICLES from the TV demonstrate and capture on rogues similar Tirek, Power Tincture, Situation Daydream, the Morons and many!
* MINIGAMES: Gambol Testicle Bouncing with Half-light Shine, Charm Airfoils with Rainbow Sprint and leap in with each the knights in village in Equestria Female Dancing amusement!
* CUSTOM-MADE STYLE: Allow pretty makeovers to roll whatever trot into a consort or princess trot with purple apparel and beauteous coiffures with a coloured rainbow.
* CONGENIALITY IS CHARM: Interact with familiar and strive in helmet occasions!
* VALID CRIB ROARS: Delight in the authorized mc of the programme!
Perfect representing followers of megalopolis constructors, for free amusement or anyone who daydreams of unerect above a plenty of straw on the farmhouse, enclosed close to pretty familiar MLP knights similar Crepuscule Shine and Rainbow Crash, and get a purple consort or princess.

You buoy download this gamey and gambol it representing for free. Suit notice that it furthermore admit you to gambol with essential currentness, which you buoy acquire as you progression over the gamey, or when determining to look definite ads, or close to remunerative with valid cash. Valid-cash essential currentness gets are prepared exploitation a credence carte or additional expenditure approach related with your balance, and are actuated when you come in your Google Gambol balance word, without system-entry your credence carte or THOLE-PIN amount.
In-app buys buoy be circumscribed close to harmonizing certification background inside the Gambol Storehouse background (Google Gambol Storehouse Home> Settings> Need Certification representing Obtain) and locale a open sesame representing everyone acquire / Every 30 minutes or Never.
Disabling open sesame defence buoy effect in unsanctioned procure. We powerfully advise that you hold word defence inverted on whether you get kids or whether others buoy accession your mechanism.
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Whats new

Try out two new pony stories! Brand-new Nightmare Six and intergalactic Cyber Ponies are already here.


THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE HEARTH'S WARMING: Trixie Lulamoon unintentionally turned her friends into Nightmare ponies. Help Mane Six to become themselves again and return to their normal lives!

RISE OF THE CYBER PONIES: Robo-ponies are incoming and Fluttershy needs your help to stop them! The distant future of everypony depends on this task.

Mod description

• Unlimited Gems (100% Gems Drop Chance during building or collecting. Also, gain a lot of them when collecting)
• Unlimited Money (Collect coins from a building or from the ground to gain a lot of them)

Notes: as suggested by some users, if you turn off your internet connection while playing, it seems you decrease the chances of getting banned. You won't be able to join social events, but at least you should avoid having temporary bans from the game.
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