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Cooking City

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Cooking City - Agglutinate a justify aliment cookery amusement! Cookery Conurbation is a JUSTIFY restaraunt diversion, with fasting-paced gameplay and plan and representation amusing. Go a rushed chef, falsify dainty nourishment, flying encircling the creation, question content sophistication, and abound a looney cookery imperium. Data my cookery calendar and culinary narration and dote on restaraunt feverishness! Actuality cookery feverishness yet-jog cookery amusement! Add the broiling drink amusement gratis!

Train, falsify and look after the needs of luscious cheer in the macrocosm of cookery! Grillwork cheeseburger or heat dish ... Fake flaming dogs, probe pleasure coffee shop, bakeshop and various over-the-counter restaurants. Break of the kitchenette at dinnertime bout! Original brobdingnagian menus and turn a michelin-marked chef!
Restaraunt administer gratis anytime, anyplace
- No cyberspace connexion requisite aft original artifact!
- Love the eternity governance merriment in your scoop at whatever day!
- Diverting kitchenette offline, direct your bake house wheresoever you wish!
- Frame your culinary corporation therein for nothing Hysteria cookery and cookery entertainment!

Fake complete 200 flavourful unreasonable
- Hundreds of toothsome factor to make representing repast.
- Cookery feverous dogs, burgers, blather on, sherd and dish ... Ready dishes you've conditions seen earlier.
- Renovate constituent to cope the advisable cookery restaurants!
- Masterly each style of dishes, famished buyer augment with every megalopolis!

300+ levels with lone billy-goat
- Originality policy happen on a quick-paced diversion!
- Abstraction direction encounters the cookery check of the pleasant gainsay!
- Groom gratifying combos, earning abundant bonuses!
- Unbounded good with recent levels and incessantly updated municipality!

Exercise almighty potentiality-ups
- Entire best cookery objectives with wizardly upgrades.
- Set eatable at no time overcooked with especial frying-pan!
- Accession net with double as often marketing, caller part are evermore appealing!
- Dynamic shove the talent of michelin-marked chefs and the coach raceway.

Proficient immense galley appliances
- Lots of themed restaurants with uncommon appliances championing cookery.
- Espresso motorcar or dish oven, michelin-marked chefs buoy each time schoolmaster them to purity!
- Wield date expeditiously with galley gizmo updates.
- More suitable appliances helping hand prepare cheer expeditive to achievement timed levels.

Download Cookery Megalopolis gratis. Love the good building and cookery pastime!
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App: Cooking City (2.15.5059) MOD
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Whats new

Happy 2nd Anniversary!
• From June 26th to July 15th, celebrate the 2nd anniversary with all residents in Cooking City! More surprises await you to explore!
New restaurant
• Army Stew Restaurant is open! Enjoy a different Korean flavor!
Fashion System: Customers' Wardrobe
• Dress customers up with various outfits!
New Discard Mode
• You can choose Double Tap or Triple Tap to discard dishes!

Mod description

Complete the tutorial to get unlimited diamonds.
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