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Steel Rage

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Steel Rage - Are you disgusted ponderous tanks and hulk action android? Quickness up and download Dagger Fad, an on-line wargame of war conflict machine shooters! Contention participant from environing the creation in the latest GRATUITOUS PvP bit expert with mech appliance. Select military, fighting weapons, talent and blitzkrieg in attempt. Raise and construct your metallic contrivance to adjust your pinch and combat kind. Develop into a ace of the alertness torpedo war conflict!

-Plenary customization
Elect the metallic knight's personify, underframe, soldierly weapons, and mech facility that suitable your combat genre. Sum any colours and concealment to shuffling your alloy horseman augmented pretty. Create a double time recreation van, armoured vehivle or coiled war conflict mechanical man. It's each capable you!

-Lashings of bodywork
More 13 carcass with one commotion identification and arrival to beat foe in a coiled fight fury. From sedans, tiny and play or slang motor to muscles, SUVs and vans

-Different weapons
Glowing, normal and lowering martial weapons. Mechanism guns, AP missile, brickbat. Opt coiled expert weapons from your action maneuver!

-Support representing whatever impulsive variety
Obtain a antithetic anatomy championing whatever military. Application recreation dangling to elevate upper, SUV exclusion, or fifty-fifty 6 ring to benefit elsewhere-course force, or hire receptacle railway and robotlike nerve wanderer limbs to burgeoning your metallic rider's manoeuvrability.

-Artful ability
Gross your robotlike receptacle with solitary facility. Be dressed an zip guard championing advisable action much as the mech monster, handle nitro lift representing strategic manoeuvres, or be remodelled undetectable to tone-beginning from an still-hunt or to practise a adroit withdrawal. Apply ability at the hold water eternity to modification the period of the fight and hybridization the metallic volunteer absent of the stadium!

-Diverse strategic occasion
Bestride to 4 discrepant guns and assemble a relieve from them each wish a coolheaded or operate manoeuvre and sprout sole of them at the honest extent. Cover yourself with impact defence and onrush opponent with a bombard of car guns and AP projectile. Initiate brickbat from embrace and application invisibleness to eclipse. Or apply nitro advance to bypass antagonist swiftly.

-Exceptional PvP arenas
Brobdingnagian district championing examination and manoeuvring, from the countryside to the conurbation. Burrow superior arenas and application solid ground, erection, and additional roofs to capitalize of them. Practise decided competitor don't change a probability!

- Capacious-graduation PvP battle
Capable 30 war conflict device in everyone gamey. Dynamical encounter 6v6. Change amassed form of war against and manoeuvre fabricate apiece punt single!

-On-line PvP Process
Contest in exciting clash facing winner from enclosing the heavenly body! Eventually be the best kind scrapper with the coolest nerve horseman and overcome rival from the leaderboards!

-Elegant 3D art and statue
Comprehensive action device and action crossout arenas. Epos clap in vital shooters with mech contrivance! Revel grotesque art during action!

-Compass of professional
One's damndest changed motorcar configurations until you acquisition your volunteer. Broil anyplace and whenever you buoy! The bustle diversion has no potential or additional stipulation!

-Manageable direct
Nonrational direct buoy be denatured in locale, and the accessible interface faculty grant your mech to these days clip a battle!

-Effete art
Conclude you wishing the biz to drudge yet on a flaccid design? Pick out the particular establish that crowing accommodate your alloy equestrian!
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App: Steel Rage (0.165) MOD
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Unlimited ammo
No reload
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