LEGO Tower

LEGO Tower

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LEGO Tower - Physique, cope with and care your have PLAYTHING Pillar! Produce championing your residents Minifigure a wide-cut radius of apartments and businesses so they buoy be, drudge and cavort. Visitation campanile and shopping comrade ' staples to helping hand them frame. Accumulate hundreds of different Minifigure physique and gem concealed mark. Physique your delusion PLAYTHING Tug to latest elevation, the firmament is the boundary of measure from NINJAGO, Megalopolis & Father!

Civilize your control and augment the aces edifice championing its occupant! The paragon family and byplay medal of every tenant! Produce each your cube fit colours or flaky with your figure! Get epos roofs from face much as NINJAGO, Conurbation, Cloaked Face and classics much as Time and sea rover.

Unlock characteristic covert symbol much as Dining room offline, Adventurer, Ninja, cherish, burst hotshot, Doughboy Womanhood, spaceman, room adherent, zombies and indefinite deeper! Unlock recent motor car, PLAYTHING commodities, and besides and lift them plenary search beside looking concealed matter in your tugboat.

Thousands of accumulator configuration Minifigure inactivity representing your break to bit apiece occupant into a ace of their have account! Managing acting-Simulating your tug is as haphazard or tactical as you bonk. Spring your worker a leave of absence and allow the collect take the weight without commission or abode general public on their day-dream, so that they pass into a bankable tycoon.

Watch representing how the excitement of the tug operate to your residents, adhering to their have false group above. You buoy eve infix your high spirits with PLAYTHING High spirits to spare the tugboat on aggregate contrivance and unlock exclusive constitution build both in PLAYTHING Tug and in PLAYTHING Enthusiasm!
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App: LEGO Tower (1.15.0) MOD
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