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Wonder Merge

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Wonder Merge - Travel to a world of Wonders, use your magic to heal corrupted lands, become friends with wonderful and fantastic creatures, and join your fantastic island together in the #1 merge and collection game: Wonder Merge.

For centuries the magical Sky Meadow flourished, until the selfishness of its inhabitants created a corruption of the earth. Now, all creatures must come together to heal the earth and undo the curse. Matching and merging 3 or more items discovers each other's evolution, joining eggs helps collect dragons and other creatures, and releasing your fusion magic heals corrupted dragon lands and turns them into a magical paradise!

Join wonder merge fusion games!
- Fusion reveals the evolution of infinite magical objects!
- Joining eggs gives them the evolution from eggs to fantastic fantasy dragons!
- There are dozens of magical dragons and creature evolutions to collect!
- Continue to unite and collect evolutions to grow and evolve your magical playing land!
- In wonder merge game, the merge is completely free! You are free to join whenever you want and are free to join eggs or dragons to collect without paying a penny!

Sky Meadow's healing is in your hands; Egg melting, dragon collection, creature evolution: all this and much more is in your power to save the earth.
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App: Wonder Merge (1.0.44) MOD
App package: com.cookapps.wonder.merge.dragon.magic.evolution.merging.wondermerge
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Mod description

Coin not decrease
Diamond not decrease
Pearl not decrease
Dragon max stamina
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