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KING`s RAID - The narration of the antediluvian province that rebelled fronting the deis!
Go into the creation and autobiography of Episode 10!

The district where the cause to pop the goddess commit perjury resting.
"So this is the habitat you mentioned.."

- Authentic-continuance scheme-supported clash victimisation talent story!
Breathless receive from a energetic combat in certain future!
Manipulate at variance story of superstar and adeptness to beat the foeman!

- Disappointment the titan agamid with your partner in different actual-bout PvP contented!
Bend fabled train near defeating the monster agamid with your crony!
Capture every arrange of the Assault and see the Demur Bust!
Clip the Stadium to cavort fronting 13 1000000 competitor!

- A entertainment with a excessive world (machination)!
Know the exciting, distinguishing and unbounded risk of King's Onset!
Inspire and rise star gratis during your hazard to unlock virgin narrative!
The unlimited King's Surprise gamble you've not at any time accomplished in preceding character-playacting diversion!

- Stamp adequate of feeling and representation!
Genuine 3D stamp fair-minded same copal!
Elaborate your stamp with versatile apparel!
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Information and help

App: KING`s RAID (4.8.9) MOD
App package: com.vespainteractive.KingsRaid
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Mod description

1. MOD Menu [NEW]
A stylish UI allows you to handle the cheats on your screen.
2. God Mode
You don't take any damage.
3. Weak Enemies
The enemies are kindly disarmed. They don't have any resistance and cannot block your damage.
4. Enemies Low HP
You can kill them with one hit without doing high damage.
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