Zombieland: AFK Survival

Zombieland: AFK Survival

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Zombieland: AFK Survival - Operation into the situation of your choice mark therein tranquil deceased demurrer plot and blow up eternal deceased sense.

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Bring and raise gobs of venomous weapons, including loot, gun, organization guns and bump!
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Annihilation of the workweek
Attempt your afk play expertness and contend fronting otc star championing the week's slaying. Select your toxicant and determine from 5 alliance with clashing regulation and modulation. You'll deserve mark and whoever move dead at the crest of the leaderboard remain of the case testament get best award and upgrades. It's an slothful rpg action! Testament you be at the head of the deceased refutation tilt?
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Information and help

App: Zombieland: AFK Survival (2.2.0) MOD
App package: com.sonypicturestelevision.zombieland
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Whats new

We’ve improved the hero, weapon, and trinket menus to make it easier to build and equip your ideal teams.
Total team power now displayed on hero screen
New inventory filters - Sort/filter by multiple criteria at once
Weapon and Trinket menus – Added filter by item effect
Improved scrapping interface – includes number of items selected
“Handgun” type is now “Pistol” to better distinguish from “Dual handgun” type
Nutting up heroes during missions is faster when holding upgrade button.

Mod description

1. One Hit Kill
2. God Mode
3. No delay skills
4. Unlimited skill points
5. Unlimited Twinkies, to get it go to the rules,
and buy a cell for gold, and it will become an infinite amount
6. Enhancements Rules free
7. Change of rules is free
8. Free in-store purchases
9. Infinite inventory size
10. leveling the rules will bring you a lot of Brains
11. replacing rules will bring you many Tokens
12. During the battle, you can endlessly pump heroes, while the money will increase
13. Free in-app purchase new
14. Buying premium is free new
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