Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3

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Shadow Fight 3 - Countdown your escapade in the man of unceasing combat and arousing encounter!

The man is on the edge of epos war. The commanding star of deuce-ace tribe clash representing the push of the obscurity and you start an gamble to limitation this war conflict. A soldierly kin, the Army, long for to shatter the impending get-up-and-go. The community of the line hope for to utilize it representing net and handiwork. And the enigmatical Heralds read the darkest secrets of the aptitude of darkness. Your activity faculty exchange their providence. Which slope testament you clasp on?

Take your show and a battle arm. Together gobs of antithetic weapons and armour on your excursion. Unlock chief power beside assembling onliest situate. Agency the description near choosing your bloc.

Travelling finished a capacious globe correspondence wax of hardly any position and recounting to satisfy your time to come antagonist. Kill compelling bosses and study 3 changed combat category on the method. Unify them to contrive your have individual act category: you buoy clash equal a dirty ninja or a almighty gallant. Crackerjack the strength of the gloom to about compelling and striking stroke that buoy moderate the plan of attempt.

Much when the leading voyage extremity, the prosecution carrys on. Fighting at typical in-back themed occasion with exclusive reward. Pay dirt duels near combat the heroine of additional AI-contained competitor. Broil with the strongest to catch a compass in your region's HEAD-100 rankings!
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Information and help

App: Shadow Fight 3 (1.27.1) MOD
App package: com.nekki.shadowfight3
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Whats new

- Internal instruments and services of the game updated;
- Many technical improvents added.

Mod description

1. Damage multiplier (Shared. Sorry, can't fix at the moment)
2. Dumb enemy (Enemy do nothing)
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