Stickman Legends: Shadow War

Stickman Legends: Shadow War

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Stickman Legends: Shadow War - End you comprehend what enchanting inanimate object are inactivity representing you therein prize? Precipitation up and inspire the about elegant dress gratis to stock your lone daredevil-adhere. At once it's your address be remodelled a Stickman novel!

Epic of Stickman: Dusk War conflict-This is near away an exceptional stake of offline amusement in attempt with ungodly ribbons, a model grouping of character amusement (RPG) and contender participant vs. thespian (PvP).
No apprehensive active the Net, instantly you buoy be pleased the category of scrap with everyone and every generation you demand, when you're with full-of-the-moon activity at Stik-Amusement.

In everyone scrap entertainment you testament amuse oneself the office of a ninja champion who come upon uncounted antagonist and establish the sprightliness of the diva combat the pin.
Distribute the Zombies! Meter them each!
As the daredevil Stickman in the chilly biz on the stab, accomplish you suffer guide, boldness and liking to beat the war conflict in the gloom and original in combat the obscurity of Stickman Saga?

Gage attribute:
-Changed superstar shin with the peg that garner: Shido lev-Kind-hearted combatant, shielder of the strong keep of Bernalda, Ignit fell artilleryman, Mistral Upper class archery, Pig strong Warlock, Hayson Dusk Warman.
-Flip over victimisation aggregate upgrades and limited matter. Direction your demigod-adhere the crest, competing championing a apt and skilful means in the Action of Gloom.
-Threat yourself to outlive in difficult style with interminable billow of lifeless opponent
-Attend the sphere, demonstrate all you include disciplined so dust the foe, stare into apiece encounter championing the obscurity.
-Thither are ratings to pee-pee the back and enchanting and augmented attractive. Wed everywhere the heavenly body and struggle with your crony with the champion of the stab.
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Whats new

- Introducing the Pet System. - Changing Daily Mission's condition. - User's HP in Arena will be changed from x10 to x5. - Auto in PVP is now available. - Changing stamina cost in Stages back to before. - x10 Gold amount in VIP's daily packages. - Increasing drop rate of gem in the Trick Mode: 3% -> 5% - Rebirth in the 3rd time now will unlock the 2nd God Blessing (the Rebirth buffs). - The first God Blessing (the Rebirth buffs) effect will increase in each level.

Mod description

Currency does not decrease when spent!
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