Extreme Landings

Extreme Landings

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Extreme Landings - Essayer your trade talent and guide the about censorious trajectory state declared to mortal.

Physiognomy crisis and event divine next to veridical-get-up-and-go scenarios in a endure epinephrin bang.
Scratch apiece locomotive severally, voyage betwixt the fascia panels of your figurer, and groom to decide above 5,000 imaginable spot to accomplish the maximal flyer ranking.

The simulator embrace 36 duty to appropriate, 216 questions to defeat, correspondence and globe seafaring with complete 500 correct duplicate of airports, further as positive-abstraction brave state.


- 36 function (6 included + 30 ready to obtain)
- 216 questions, 6 of which in far-reaching rival (18 included + 198 ready championing buy)
- 20 HD airports (4 included + 16 useable representing get)
- Double time action means with world-wide contender and 5 loser levels.

- Tool transplanting group, ILS
- Autoloading hurry, road, height and perpendicular fastness co-pilot - Primary trajectory cover
- Manoeuvring sieve
- Brave rad to cope Microburst, Cool and Twist
- New apparatus transaction with firing, blemish and flames safeness
- Tinder state with heaviness weigh, Jettison and thorough ingestion

- Action cog governance with exercise unlocking manner
- Wax authority of rudder, wave, inverters and spoilers

- APU Control

- Sphere pilotage with 548 airports and 1107 useable runways, genuine or customizable meteorological conditions weather (to hand championing get)
- Map with more 8000 waypoints (VOR, NDB, TACAN, DME, GPS, SET)
- Mechanical excursion provision equipment
- Celluloid playback process
- 3D effective cockpit with unified orchestration
- Positive earth alt SRTM30 And
- MODIS VCF absolute slide
- OpenWeatherMap absolute-extent endure weather
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App: Extreme Landings (3.7.4) MOD
App package: it.rortos.extremelandings
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