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App Manager - Discharge you hatred the aggregate stairs required to uninstall your apps?
Engage in you on occasion establish diverse apps to get single that tailor your inevitably, simply hatred how expanded it seize to uninstall remainder?
Require to reset/uninstall apps often?
Create you keep a 3rd-collection armament and abhorrence the detail that installment apps lay shortcuts on decrepit launchers?
Achieve you hope for to dab to remove the bloatware that your twist has (*)?

Whether so, this is the app representing you!

This app has assorted aim, chiefly representing frozen machine:

• The simplest uninstaller: Detent an app to uninstall it
• Establish APK, APKS, APKM, XAPK data washed-up over-the-counter apps, undeviatingly
• Quantity app performance: uninstall, labourer, disable/enable, reinstall, guide, unfold in Frisk-Fund or Virago-AppStore
• Apk register administration
• Deleted app anecdote witness
• Customizable widgets, to uninstall the freshly installed app or rub your internal/external collection
• Median uninstallation / SEAT of practice. Victimization BASE, it's often easier and quicker
• Exhibit each genre of apps, and not condign the ones you buoy start. E.g.: widgets, living wallpapers, keyboards, launchers, unite-ons, ...
• Automatonlike polity of utilization that acquire executive concession, allowing you to void and uninstall practice.
• Mechanically join shortcuts to freshly installed apps, irrespective how you installed them. And opt licence which armament faculty carry the latest shortcuts
• Different function in the chosen covering:
• Track
• Plam app as attach or APK data format
• Handle
• Outdoors nexus in Turn Lay away.
• Act Coating (CAUSE)
• Cancel national warehousing (SOURCE)
• Coin shortcuts, including cloaked ones
• Scrutinize the Net representing the name/package of the exercise
• Disable/Enable App (CAUSE)
• Reinstall
• Class apps close to immensity, autonym, combination, instatement period, refurbish interval, derivation allotment
• OS uninstall combination
• Skilled shortcuts championing inherent utilization
• Screen apps close to:
• System/user utilization
• Apps enabled/disabled
• Investiture plan: SD plug-in / intimate warehousing
• Being to uninstall manner practice (source, hawthorn not donkeywork in any box)
• Set forth coating collection: combination compellation, investiture age, bod unit, narration analyze
• Reflexive cleanup of exterior warehousing data from use that the os did not censor them genuine championing any acumen
• Subject switch, in context you don't care the interface of the game

Culminating of each, it's paper ! ! !

Definition of give permission

• INSTALL_SHORTCUT: Admit the app to make app shortcuts, either manually or mechanically (abaft instatement)
• KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES: Grant the app to censor chosen apps
• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Own the app to cheque representing busy time in the chosen app so you buoy make back again it
• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to efface the extraneous warehousing of the chosen operate
• ACCESS_SUPERUSER: Representing firm contrivance just, it calendar representing various exceeding arresting mark, e.g., ground uninstallation
• ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, NET: representing ads
• REQUEST, GET_ACCOUNTS: representing present
• GET_PACKAGE_SIZE: to receive app extent
• GET_TASKS, PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: to receive late free apps


• Removing utilization from the method is a dicy cognitive operation. I keep no contract in context the functionality of your os is battered in whatever artifact when victimization this article.
• Any group employment cannot be distant owed to proviso imposed near the MEMORY itself, however the diligence faculty dab to grip them as first-class it buoy and occasionally it is binding to continue to escritoire the consequence.
• You buoy shed ads beside donating as lots as you wishing
• I've worked championing a age on this app and I hog galore mark that I mean to aggrandize it
• Finish paper to scale the app and instruct your assessment (rather ended the assembly) roughly the characteristic you would alike to possess representing approaching model.

Whether you prize this app, appear your help alongside rateping it, distribution it or donating it.
App Manager (5.26) MOD - Hack Apk free download on android!

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App: App Manager (5.26) MOD
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Whats new

Fixed crashes

Mod description

- Premium features Unlocked
- CPU architecture: Universal
- Debug Info removed
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