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Monopoly - Trundle the die and acquire, betray, frame and programme your exit to go a affluent businessman at MONOPOLY, Hasbro's plug-in amusement and folk greco-roman admired beside complete ace jillion humans in burgh and power sorrounding the macrocosm. Single of the near definitive table amusement you be learned and ardency is at one's disposal on animated implement and writing- and buoy be played both offline and on-line!

Feel the leading gameboard plot in a solid contemporary artifact. MONOPOLY from Marmalade Sport Apartment championing Automaton take the plank to entity with a sphere that comprise a bewitching springy 3D megalopolis dinkey intentional with lodging and dwelling-place.

Common hallmark

- INDIVIDUAL OF THE BOSS PROVENDER AMUSEMENT - Caper the Graeco-roman Hasbro toute seule or with kinfolk and confidante of your activity on animated implement or memo pad!
- A PRIZE FAMILIARITY - No expenditure to slam, no pop-fly ads, no jeopardy, sanctioned beside Hasbro
- CRIB ORDINANCE: Swordplay with the well-nigh commons commorancy order
- CLOSE INCOME - Conclusion the Hasbro gameboard amusement quicker than at any point
- UNITY COMPETITOR - Amuse oneself facing our difficult AI. No demand representing boon companion or sept
- OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER - Gambol stable and past the sound betwixt change position
- ON-LINE MULTIPLAYER - Frisk MONOPOLY on-line with general public from everyplace the nature from a discrepant municipality or homeland or build secret multiplayer recreation to amuse oneself with your confidante and phratry in experience without whatever hazard.

Are you all set to intimacy the titillation of bankrupting your sept and familiar in dash and decent a easy possessor at MONOPOLY, solitary of the nigh iconic scantling pastime ever?
Bread the die, hazard, expedition the dinkey and ACQUIRE immovable, GATHER rentals and PHYSIQUE caravanserai to grow into a power of the o2, much as the habitual tabulate gage of the Hasbro kindred.

Don't arouse world-weary and provocation capable QUADRUPLET COMPETITOR on a roving twist in multiplayer means!

Straightaway you buoy caper a MONOPOLY stake anytime, anyplace, in the megalopolis and homewards, offline and on-line! You buoy frolic unequalled or with boon companion in multiplayer. Pop this multiplayer with capable foursome contender on solitary gimmick. Instead, tempt association and boon companion to cavort in on-line multiplayer method and habit your immovable corporation to alter to a affluent landholder and emperor of the MONOPOLY collection. When you're all set to cycle the die, you buoy landlord a hidden multiplayer vestibule or plam regular pastime with on-line crony from changed metropolis.


Don't distress almost the chance of a gamey accomplishment besides drawn out. Manipulate LASTING WEALTH to absolute it in an time or fewer. You'll fork out fewer bit in slammer, develop lodging rather, alter to a quicker crowned businessman, and goal the back abaft the inceptive contender is smash; the richest contender overcome and change the MONOPOLY Monarch.

Our MONOPOLY gallinacean embody, as in authentic animation, each public and known ACCOMMODATION RULING

Complete you select M400 a substitute of M200 when you terra firma instantly on Enter your kinfolk or comrade assemblage? Author a practice amusement with your family's darling crib law and develop into your family's MONOPOLY gerent.

Our graeco-roman MONOPOLY punt is FOLK and unhazardous championing kids.

We've untrue careful our plot is secure representing kids, without whatever danger and manageable to act championing the complete kinfolk on-line or offline in multiplayer resources. According to Hasbro's pilot table back, each buoy get, transfer, hoard, develop and frolic! Owing to the gallinacean is ad-unfreeze, you won't break the jeopardy of encountering unbefitting ads. And with confidential on-line multiplayer, you don't birth to ability a punt with alien and you buoy fair amuse oneself with your boon companion.


Our sport cover as galore decentralized timber as whatever of the MONOPOLY digital card play carry e'er offered. Turn with a scantling of chosen state and unlock the "Adventurer Bale" to find discrepant borough and their immovable possessions. Scroll the cube, gamble, INVEST IN or TRANSFER realty, GATHER, lease and HABITUS lodging as an proprietor in municipality and nation sorrounding the universe.

Let's jumping into the MONOPOLY Field!
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App: Monopoly (1.3.2) MOD
App package: com.marmalade.monopoly
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Whats new

Are you a sore loser? Do you find it hard to stay cool in the face of defeat? If so, we’ve got BRAND NEW TOKENS to reflect your mood! We get it MONOPOLY brings out the worst in us. For those times when you can’t contain your frustration, you can now show how you really feel about paying 1000s in rent and getting bankrupted by your (former) friend.

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