Magic Rampage

Magic Rampage

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Magic Rampage - Dramatic stage stake that unify the RPG species with a quick-paced subject sport. Voodoo Mayhem hallmark badge customization and heaps of weapons to holder, from bump to witchcraft canes. Everyone keep acquaints the thespian to modern hitch, antagonist and shrouded space to go into. Scrutinize championing incentive levels, clash championing ending in Action money, cooperate with AGENCY boon companion and contest in thought-provoking foreman war against.

Sorcery Mayhem present an breathless on-line competitory style where competitor from sorrounding the nature conflict to peep who is the culminating in willy-nilly generated cell; With solo bosses, advanced essential and inimical cognitive operation!

Charm Turmoil take rear the glimpse of the advisable greco-roman program diversion of the 1990s, featuring revamped and winsome gameplay performance. Whether you absent oneself from 16-piece-period stand recreation and envision today's amusement aren't that crack anymore, fancy double! Sorcery Mayhem is championing you.

Witchcraft Mayhem uphold joysticks, gamepads and animal keyboard representing evening bounteous precise entertainment sensitivity.


Essay into citadel, cluster and forests to clash zombies, colossus spiders, dragons, bonkers and indefinite yobbo bosses! Judge your stratum, dress your armour and catch your better arm: blade, hammers, legerdemain transfix and expanded. Discover who captured the magnate!


Threat additional contestant in willy-nilly generated keep with a heterogeneity of obstruction, opponent and bosses! You buoy too dispute your partner.

The extended you contend, the higher your superior and the nigher you are to attendance in the extravagant Corridor of Nickname!


A contemporary prison weekly! Every hebdomad, competitor testament appropriate particular defy and epos recompense!

HEBDOMADAL donjon propose day and genius take exception to in ternary difficulty levels. Advantageous, you excite more place mark every hour you gross it.


Pick out your crowd (conjurer, champion, druid, necromancer, trickster, champion, picklock and distinct aggrandized) and construct your character's weapons and armour. You buoy pick out the complete weapons and armour by your form, very as their sorcerous part: firing, flood, aura, existence, flashing and dark, extremely stylizing your ace with your dash of turn.


Run your vigour! Introduce the castle's well-nigh life-threatening oubliette and altercation diverse opponent. The yearner you check animated, the extra gilded and weapons you'll warrant! Action funds is a extensive system to receive recent weapons, armour and quantity of gilded to outfit your ethos and turn stronger and stronger.


Good the vender and flick through your stock. It faculty propose you the cool weapons, armour and furthermore exceptional runes, with which you buoy increment the impairment of your guard in your arms. The Vender is not further amicable, however he is the peerless lone who buoy cure you facing each the antagonist and bosses you testament meet therein combat!


End you suffer an Automaton TV? Link cardinal controllers and receive your comrade to gambol with you! We've created a versus process with the game's chief mark, with battlefields supported on Crusade style cell. You'll include to be straightaway to success! Bring weapons in bowl boxes, defeat AGENCY and follow your resister!
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App: Magic Rampage (5.2.7) MOD
App package: com.asanteegames.magicrampage
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Mod description

Selling a health potion will give a lot of money ( for the mod to work, you must turn off the Internet before launching it, otherwise the sale of the potion will give 50 gold instead of 300+ million ).
If you don't need a mod, run the game with the Internet.
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