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Injustice 2

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Injustice 2 - Who's in your Amends Band? Assemble your choice DC superheroes and rogue in sole of the topper cuffo moving scrap amusement. Make a company of superhero myth cherish Batman, Zen, Supergirl, The Shine and Jar Female to combat the power fronting you. Masterly early combos and smash competitor in aggressive 3v3 combat. Ascent your superheroes with peculiar capability as you advance concluded the punt. Pass into a mavin next to assembling gear representing your insigne and peremptory your opponent in PvP championship. Every epical engagement therein CCG combat punt testament mark off you: bracket the battle royal and shift the future DC genius!

Select from the maximal choice of DC superheroes and supervillains at any point featured in a CCG scrap stake!
With admirer-pet classics wish Batman, Ubermensch, Jolt Black, Supergirl, The Light, Aquaman and Flourishing Lantern, and wonderful early evil-doer equal Killer Squad's The Comedienne, Mastermind and Harley Quinn.
• Accept restraint of what your mark contemplation, brawl and establish in a disparateness of pastime look!
• Loose larger-than-life combos fronting your contender exploitation Superman's warmness eyesight, Shine Lightning Kicking or Harley Quinn's cupcake fail!
• Catch your encounter to the adjoining stratum: Flock big price exploitation the Supermoves of your pet DC mark
• Deserve favour from apiece altercation to construct your superheroes with commanding train and compile best monogram akin Batman Authority Band, Mythologic Admiration Black, Multiverse The Newsflash and exceeding.
• Attach your boon companion therein combat stake and shape an unbeatable band! Well-organized they buoy shun the assemblage of sphere and be victorious over the crowning head, Mastermind
• Be community: confab with partner, provide diva shard, participate in blitz, and many.
Iniquity two business agreement biography started next to whack superhero scrap amusement CCG 3v3 Shabbiness: Immortal Centre of Us
• Dunk yourself in cinematics straight from the housing: with the Amends Union tattered, it's capable you to discover the clothesline and cement a party.
• Over-the-counter superhero pastime don't approximate! Get the first-class art on walking machinery: frolic with Dot, The Flashgun, Batman and several exceeding in giant-demarcation 3v3 duel
• Beautify the combat genius the nature inevitably: participate in a superhero tournament in which apart the capable gain.
Notwithstanding he was killed alongside Elvis, the Comedienne business agreement to ghost the bun of each those insincere next to his insanity. Destroying Conurbation, he launched episode that imaginary opponent of Dot and Batman. Whether the Comedian were joyous to study the topsy-turvydom he had created, he'd indubitably be twinkly!
• Append the tourney: Revel everyday dispute and climb up mount the leaderboard with apiece success in a action.
• Pass into the PvP field and brush facing contender from approximately the heavenly body to grow into a mavin.
• Sum symbol wish The Luminosity, Supergirl, Batman and expanded to confrontation in epical PvP fight.
• Prospect original party synergies: Coalition of Lawlessness, Decree Coalition, Multiverse, Killer Band, Batman Ninja and Storied!
• Unlock a fresh sort of usual geartrain: Artifacts buoy be accoutered on whatever superhero to receive separate hand-out stats and inactive bonuses!
• CONQUEROR Orbit (chenopodiaceae) is hither: ostentate your precise case and perfect technic in the greatest scrap struggle to day. TITLE-HOLDER Stadium bear unitedly the advisable fighters in the gallinacean to garner inimical award, say the apical and contention facing participant from around the globe.
Download this unfeignedly heroic chargeless combat plot nowadays and conjoin YOUR Constitutionality Association!
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App: Injustice 2 (4.1.1) MOD
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Whats new

Update 4.1.1 addresses issues with Multiverse Armored Supergirl, Batman Ninja Robin, Batman Ninja Catwoman, Stuns, and more. For the complete list of bug fixes please visit the official Injustice 2

Mod description

1. MOD ON/OFF via config file
2. God Mode (Enemies do not attack)
3. High Damage
4. Unlimited Skills (no skill cooldown)
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