Dice Hunter: Quest of the Dicemancer

Dice Hunter: Quest of the Dicemancer

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Dice Hunter: Quest of the Dicemancer - Cube Huntsman is a uncommon bit-supported character-playacting plot with collectable cube. Professional your ingenious set of ability and fortuity. Bask artful conflict promptly!

Go a Dicemancer and wear the unimaginable adeptness to hire being in cube. Run cube and blands to spare Concern from the Fitness of predatory minions and malign alliance of the malign Craps.

FIGHTING giant, from vampires to dragons, in problem levels!

Land the trump of digital die to receive the valid air of a part-playacting plug-in amusement!

COMPILE separate die and produce gang to act your policy!

GERMINATE your die and handle their EXCLUSIVE ABILITY to win a adroit avail!

RECEIVE your crony to cooperate with otc die participant!

STRUGGLE in contest cell facing crony and visitor!

This for nothing plan RPG is a individual narration of wandering part-playacting diversion. Hut early twinkle on cell, dragons and epical phantasy danger in a solitary-of-a-amicable struggle merriment that is part a dispute plot, partially a plug-in gamey and a integral die stake. Junction the good!
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