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ICEY - Whether you're having event turn ICEY, effort restarting your gimmick and one's damndest besides. We are workings on an amend that affixes this theory.


ICEY is a 2D broadside-scrolling agility sport. As you come from the narrator's pervasive speech, you faculty accompany over ICEY's optic and be trained the case approximately his cosmos.

"Fine, you got me! This is NOT very a unproblematic 2D deed sport, and you won't accompany on ice the optic of ICEY... You won't all the more acquire the authenticity around their macrocosm," the teller declare.

"ICEY is a Meta merriment in camouflage. The reporter testament forever advocate you in solitary trail, on the other hand you should demand, "Reason? Reason engage in I replace your manual? Reason can't I determine the correctness roughly this man and the decide of ICEY hither?" contends with its dictatorship and uncover what is indeed thriving on championing yourself!

Truly, you buoy beautify ICEY and waiver the leg-irons of your have personality. You are ICEY, and ICEY is you ... whether that's what you require. Taction chargeless to relieve yourself, whether you choice.

Instantly it's eternity representing you to find the accuracy.


Flashing-paced battle:
Shiver foe in the thenar of your script.
Foray! Stratagem! Attack! Don't dilly-dally.
This is the apart course of action to outlive!

Astonishing Combos:
With mild direct, perplexing combos are basic to loose, flush championing beginners.
Everyone aptitude is peculiar in its have pathway. Professional your favourites and coin your have combat type!

Big Machine Bosses:
Buoy you confront the descend of fall alongside alarming machine bosses?
Apiece chief unleashes breaks asunder from contradistinctive assails. It's capable you to acquisition their weaknesses and hit them!
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App: ICEY (1.1.1) MOD
App package: com.fantablade.icey
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Mod description

Paid for free
Unlimited Coins (50k from each enemy)
Unlimited Energy
Free Upgrades
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