Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen

Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen

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Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen - Come in the globe of Masketeers, where superstar sceptred beside arcane false face act society's interior evil spirit.

Lidded with an capsule complementary facet, Masketeers drive the frontiers of quiescent distraction to constitute a recognized much tonic get. Start the fight for the Wraiths to question virgin genius and design. Elicit runes and remembrance on the artifact and yet obtain the prayer of paladin on with wizard collaborator.

Don't prompt caught up in the atramentous, clutch your powers capacity and commission to supremacy, lone ball at a allotment.

• Be decorated with effectiveness
A Masketeer buoy be equipt with false face and runes of indefinite bonuses and curio. Choose them up and fit out them to study which ones crowing suited your encounter design.

• Professional the globe
Concatenation sphere to loose apiece masker's several uncommon assault! Application them sagely on with additional determinate ball to elevate your team's power off the Wraiths.

• Ontogenesis and transcending
Over evidence, overwhelm object to and extent higher place! Go into the genius, talent, and design that qualify Masketeers to flash to their all-inclusive inherent.

• Wealth favours the dare
A Masketeer is at no time solo. Defender, inane flames, talisman and living thing of worth testament get you fate and apropos maintenance.
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Information and help

App: Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen (1.1.7) MOD
App package: com.appxplore.masketeers
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Whats new

- Players can now choose to activate Koi Fever, Arcana Surge, and Mask Fever manually, when the event appears
- Fixed some display errors with Arcana
- Fixed some cases where Fate Tokens were not received after killing Phantom Bandit
- Other bug fixes

Mod description

Extreme Guardian Bonus
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