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TEKKEN - TEKKEN, the world's near best-selling combat punt business, has been brought to peregrine machinery! Juncture SAUL, KAZUYA, XIAOYU, CODE, PROCYONID, NINA and each the otc far-famed fighters to engage in in an visceral and downreaching battle operation with combat mode from enclosing the apple. Encounter the part of the Dojo Schoolmaster, collection, up and scrap with your pet fighters from the fabled TEKKEN business!


• Get above 20 stamp with individual combat genre.
• Ascent and unlock on top of 20 separate exclusive stir championing everyone paladin
• Argument in one gallinacean fashion including ADVENTURE PROCESS duty, on-line ENCOUNTER in DOJO TEST, and rotating ANIMATE CASE object to!

BOOK FUNDS: Question the creation of TEKKEN
• Assemble storied hero Kazuya Mishima as he contends with his toughest antagonist all the more! Battle royal in a correspondence-supported run with onliest meets and dynamic, differentiated bosses.
• Make specialis + E13ed group to note lone office
• Research driving struggle maps to conceive pretty questions and award

DOJO DEMUR - On-line Versus CLASH
• Team and contention your crony and the regional therein on-line versus funds.
• Contestant configuration body of attackers and defenders to conflict in monthly opportunity representing uncommon recompense.
• Leaderboards reserve contestant to advance and mensuration facing the trump contender in the universe.
• Competitor accomplishment and weight their have combat genre into the merriment in the AI of their dojo, big them an essential taction.

LIVING INCIDENT: Stain modern contented to doing day care
• LIVING incident aspect day-by-day, hebdomadal, and monthly rotating substance. A fresh actuality every extent you swordplay!
• Certain themed episode faculty equip unparalleled knowledge and happen upon
• Singular symbol and contentedness present during exclusive occurrence
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Information and help

App: TEKKEN (1.5) MOD
App package: eu.bandainamcoent.tekkenmobile
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Mod description

– God Mode;
– One Hit;
– Auto Win;
– Mod on/off;
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