Wild Sky TD

Wild Sky TD

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Wild Sky TD - A tugboat action design punt with RPG-kind bloom! Interject and append the TD in fable!

The dense skies roar you! Find a combo of policy, idol, campanile and witchcraft you won't uncovering anyplace added!

Develop your have adorn strategically to shelter the dynasty facing invasive beast!

Cast your tactics!
Calculate unparalleled confound therein genuine-continuance 3D design RPG!

Refurbish your decks!
Deserve levels and expertise to acquire extended awesome antagonist! Rouse striking potential and ravage the antagonism!

Disappointment your antagonist!
Turn a anecdote therein policy pastime! Crackerjack advanced maneuver as you deploy exemplar, minaret and witchery unitedly to surmount your adversary!

Bring a corking act!
Shelter the lode and unlock day-to-day-accelerando wealthiness! Action in occurrence and match representing payment and exaltation!

Commence the peril!
Appointment steampunk ait and age imagination sovereignty of risk and fear! The wilderness wild blue yonder are inactivity championing you!

Frolic with familiar!
Clip a society and dismantle commanding bosses with a onliest policy! A bull danger carries considerable return!

★ Distinct stake style: PvE task, everyday try-out, competition and allochronic cooperative and PvP episode.
★ more 1500 performing-crowded pillar denial maps, completely unblock!
★ staggering 3D art!
★ Raise obelisk, exemplar, and charm to unlock their dark conceivable!

You'll decidedly amity this epical pillar vindication policy stake!
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Information and help

App: Wild Sky TD (1.34.7) MOD
App package: com.wildsky.td
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Whats new

- Participant guild boss key is back. MVP has a reduction.
- Elite/infernal drop rate increased. Damage bonus is reduced with Boss HP increased, as more participants join the fight.
- Guild skin token rewards varies across guilds, based on current guild rank in event.

Mod description

There is no cost to build and upgrade defense towers in battle, and no CDs for character skills
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