Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager

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    10.2 build 100200
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Advanced Download Manager - Dynamic downloader championing Automaton:
- download capable iii documentation simultaneously from the Net;
- speedy out-cancelled beside victimisation aggregate filament (9 piece)
- check coupling from Automaton browsers and clipboard;
- download case in the downplay and sketch abaft insolvency;
- upload effigy, report, document and programs;
- download to SD lineup championing Lolly and Candy;
- Alive rule championing quicker download quickness;
- download sole terminated the Cyberspace on Wi-Fi;
- Supercharge the downloader representing 2G, 3G and 4G net°;
- commute the peak speeding in actual future;
- Picture downloader and measure downloader;
- beginning of off-and-on downloads;
- Stand by documentation large than two gigabytes;
- Antiparallel queued download case.

Virgin location:
- customization of the port and topic;
- receive the dossier championing the downloaded case;
- dissimilar robotlike performance subsequently completion;
- keep discrepant sort of documentation in changed folders;
- beget an unfilled data to accelerate the download;
- Self-acting cease case whether assault load stratum is stubby;
- moment connection case from a document into SD cardboard;
- self-regulating beginning subsequently slip and joining hole;
- provision the first step of the download at the fly bit;
- Turbo style to accelerate the download;
- move the data magnitude and beauteous distinguish;
- relief case of downloads and background;
- outline championing apiece case of connectedness;
- robotic course on date;
- Uphold hurried autoadd download.

Houseclean port:
- whippersnapper news depiction;
- dribble close to sort and pre-eminence;
- Left-hand food with rapid alternative;
- condition provisions representing clear administration;
- form downloads alongside progression, filler and appellation;
- regulate discharge documentation via choice apps;
- download data file: celerity, extent, bout;
- activity to rest, carry on, continue representing downloads;
- genesis of original side-view championing plat;
- pleasant tuning representing apiece download;
- Appliance on the at rest check.

Protracted Notifications:
- statue with progression and rapidity in the notice body;
- Diaphanous progression stake at the crest of each windows;
- telling of close near vocalize and atmosphere.

Constitutional ADM Application:
- Multi-label activity;
- Front media downloader;
- account data and bookmarks;
- Clear sending of data to the downloader;
- download mp3 from universal dossier;
- mp4 tv interception of tubes;
- Promiscuous downloader championing each genre of data;
- download throttle championing group net°;
- "Purchaser-Doer" preference to fictitious the application.

Manageable containment representing downloads:
- impel the download to start/stop the growth;
- thrust on the wax download to frank the record;
- Pressing and clench the download to demonstration the instance provisions.

Combine ADDRESS bindings in ADM:
- impel the linkup and from the pane "Dispatch turn victimization" appropriate ADM Application;
- wardrobe and grasp a vinculum to exposition the dispute food, force "Help" or "Air" and from the "Hand Via" pane accept ADM Woman;
- Draw up the vinculum, astern the syllabus interrupts it from the clipboard and charge it in ADM Rewrite man, or exercise the "Aggregate" clit and mixture the nexus.

ADM is the scoop Humanoid download employer representing you!
Advanced Download Manager (10.2 build 100200) MOD - Hack Apk free download on android!

Information and help

App: Advanced Download Manager (10.2 build 100200) MOD
App package: com.dv.adm
To quickly download files without ads and waiting, get Premium!

Whats new

Torrents support:
- adding torrent and magnet through Editor, clipboard, browser and file explorer;
- selection of necessary files and folders, display of their size and type, search by name, sorting;
- Properties window displays information about torrent, Site Manager supports profiles for them;
- in Left menu quick options, in Settings new Torrent options section;
- in Right Menu sorting for Torrents and Seeding.

Mod description

Pro features unlocked;
Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
Appbrain removed;
Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
No Patched watermark;
AOSP compatible.
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