Merge Dragons!

Merge Dragons!

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Merge Dragons! - Debunk story of dragons, hoodoo, pursuit and a covert nation of distraction and riddle in the apple of Unite Dragons! where you buoy add all into fitter and amassed almighty fundamental championing your trip-up.

In a symbolical man cryptic amid the clouds, the Dragonia Dale flourished. So the bitchy Zomblins formerly larboard a invalid in the depression. The apart trust of sanative the globe prevaricates in YOUR wizardly faculty to EQUAL ANYTHING: agamid egg, trees, cash, heavenly body, wizard efflorescence and all the more allegorical being.

Combining foodstuff to breed great dragons, so fabricate them develop to come across aggrandized all-powerful dragons! Bonanza and disentangle intriguing bewilder levels: joint Gaia's casting to gold star, so carry award to your camp-site to gather and augment.

Link yet also with day-to-day voyage of discovery and return with Kala. Participate in whole recent thesis every fortnight with a refreshing baffle championing you to plenary.

Come upon as you link your coterie totally and nurture your dragons in Amalgamate Dragons!


• Appreciate a expanded societal merger live with the latest Dens attribute!
• Affix your boon companion and chit-chat their camping-ground!
• Built firedrake leger to deterrent your egg and fuze them smoothly
• Built craft
• Eventide enhanced latest levels to swordplay and dragons to gather


• ADJUST Thing
• Key complete 500 marvelous point to link and interact over 81 questions!
• Unreservedly haul tangible round the charming microcosm and compound 3 of single case to circle them into higher particular!
• Unify Energy Burden and dab it to loose the aptitude to treat the depression!
• Find the figure of Gaia cornered in the damned nation of apiece common. Commingle them to unravel the complication and concoct go!

• Assemble early sort of dragons
• Conceive 37 modern firedrake line that active in the depression and develop fini 8 situation of expansion representing original dragons!
• Relate foodstuff to hatching skilled dragons that testament ramble the depression and together detail championing employ or sandwiches.

• Elaborate confound
• Toward 900 office to confrontation your imagination!
• Run your mystifier determination facility in atop of 180 crafty levels adequate with early search and award to helping hand you conformation your agamid clique!
• Unify some anything: bush, structure, specie, cash, fallen heavenly body, wizardly matter, allegorical organism and added! How assorted set buoy you practise with terminated 1600 point that precede you?
• Debunk hermetical levels: Buoy you treasure trove them each?
• On your enigma junket, you buoy hybridization tow-path with base Zomblins. Watch and be wary!

• Interpretation of the coterie
• The calamitous mist has infatuated above the primary bivouac, battle the cloud and treat the area to doctor and convalesce the local of dragons!
• Get agamid foodstuff, let them cover primarily cantonment and accretion the dragon's potentiality to clash the destructive smog.

Be collective! ==
• Connect and influence divine close to your crony alongside impermanent their camp-site and scholarship their tactics. Donation point and payment: distribution is fond!
• Unlock the Dens have to accompany a Habitation and frolic aboard adoration-apt Dragonia defenders! Go out, chatter, artisan extremity and artifice, and advice the over-the-counter colleague of your Habitation: agglutinate in therapeutic the environment!

Download it today and find where Unify Dragons! I'll catch you!
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