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PickCrafter - PickCrafter is an incremental inactive artisan clicker game that allows you to take control of a peak and dig deep into biomes. Even when inactive or offline! Just start tapping with mine. Upgrade legendary peaks, collect all blocks and equipment, and unlock all biomes. Digging for gold has never been more exciting! Tap to get started, then upgrade your artifacts and abilities to mine deeper and faster.

Download it now and start extracting gold in one of the most addictive incremental addictive games! How far can you dig?

PickCrafter FEATURES

Idle Clicker Gameplay
Tap: Balance your beak and remove all 3D blocks!
Swing: Break blocks like this too!
Mine: win PPS and handmade blocks!

Incremental improvements
Hopper collects blocks while inactive or offline!
Use skills and artifacts to increase your strength
Mythical blocks and machines help you!

Improve your peak
Create and improve your peaks
Defeat bosses, create their special items and win trophies!
Prestige to reach new heights

Idle mining
Earn resources even when you're not playing
Daily Rewards: Enjoy amazing daily reward system bonuses
Over 90 achievements to unlock
Fight with your friends and rank up the leaderboards
No internet connection required
No need for modifications, launcher or PE

PickCrafter is the perfect incremental clicker idle game for endless fun fans. Take advantage all day to look for gold, diamonds, amethyst and more! Find companions and create items to increase your PPS– start digging today! A great game for people looking for mining games.
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Information and help

App: PickCrafter (5.3.04) MOD
App package: com.fiveamp.pickcrafterapp
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Mod description

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