LTE Discovery

LTE Discovery

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LTE Discovery - LTE Recognition is a dynamic betoken recognition and review instrument with various innovative characteristic and customizations available.

Key characteristic:
- Distinguishes LTE ribbon representing Verizon, AT&T, Dash, T-Motile, and various additional nation (aid representing many mailmen connected with the crowdsource aspect and person relieve)
- Distinguishes EARFCN and Company representing whatever country/provider when exploitation a Qualcomm c.p.u. and ROOTED
- Living body identifier and signaling information in the request bar
- Fresh cadre receiver (adjust information connexion) to link to better signalise available* (Notice: Google connected qualifications in Lolly and overhead, so it ballplayer need base or be inaccessible)
- Self-governing invigorating of motile and representing dissimilar conditions
- Alarum presentment representing LTE groups and GCIs (machine-accessible and unattached)
- Save LTE logs
- Machine-driven visible lumberman (Dash + Affirmative just)
- EARFCN strip computer (scope and explicit UL and DL frequencies) (Affirmative)
- All-embracing scope of background to construct your feel (Affirmative)
- Innovative LTE, 4G, 3G, GSM, CDMA information (GCI, PCI, TAC, RSRP, RSRQ, stria, EARFCN, oftenness)

- This is an innovative app with any characteristic particular to just any devices/carriers. Various thanks to the local representing the aid and the issues and feedback.
- "Best signalise available" doesn't signify this app buoy create LTE arrive where thither is no one. Thither is no much affair as an "LTE term booster" app, what indeed occurs is forcing the mechanism to explore anew representing the better betoken fairly than staying machine-accessible to an old, potential dry connexion.
- Not each devices/carriers are backed representing LTE isthmuses and additional innovative term information. These are restrictions of those mechanism.
- At this age, the in-app correspondence is just victimized representing viewing actual placement. Though, Sprint+Pro consumers ballplayer get many quality. Aid representing many bearers is presently in dynamic growth.
- From person studies, Verizon occasionally allows campanile placement, on the other hand they are typically wrong.

If you exercise in the business, feeling for free to netmail us whether you get whatever ability that ballplayer be capable to support us. (Our netmail buoy be base in-app)

By resetting the motile connexion, you buoy place various usual net connected matters similar: non-stop minimal term, information disjunction, pathetic phone standard, betoken unbalance, and many. You could furthermore fasten these matters close to restart/reboot your call, or you could aloof allow to LTE Recognition adjust your radios in a infrequent minutes. On the other hand, greater signaling standard is not a assure, largely whether you are in a newsboy circuit with small reporting.

RATINGS: Whether you similar this app, suit aid us close to ranking it 5 heavenly body and help with a +1, or allow to us recognise how we buoy develop the app. We are always excavation and nisus to develop the app.

SUPPORT: Whether you concern whatever troubles, suit apply the "Send debug email" pick in-app and offer us as even data as potential almost the issue and how we buoy revive it.
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